The 5 R’s of Zero waste

Whether you’re here because you’re a small business owner, looking to make a deferens or just working towards a more natural lifestyle, we should always stand together to help make our world a better place, not only for our self but for our children.

Ways to help you think in a better/different direction.



The 5 R’s of Zero waste

( Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot )

  1. Refuse
  • Avoid single-use items
  • Pass on freebies (samples, goodie bags etc.)
  1. Reduce
  • Donate, sell or swap unwanted items.
  • Share, borrow or rent (use what you have, but only what you need)
  • Avoid mindless shopping
  • Consider the life cycle of potential purchases. (can it be reused, recycled, composted?)
  1. Reuse
  • Borrow, rent or share less frequently used items
  • Shop second hand
  • Repair what you have.
  1. Recycle
  • Find recycling places near you
  • Set up a easy to use home system.
  1. Rot
  • Contribute to a local composting municipality
  • Build a compost in your backyard.
  • Build a worm bin or bokashi
  • Donate to a local farm or farmer’s market.
  • Contribute to a community garden.

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