Our journey started through a mother’s love and need to help her daughters. Whilst searching through all avenues and calling on all old and new business friends to assist in obtaining the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. She recognized the obstacles of the sourcing of small quantities of products not only for her daughters, but other ladies too. From this realization "Bottle Lady" was born.

Our promise to you...



The Mother and brain-power behind the Bottle Lady success. What more do we need to say :)



The administrative and logistics brain on the Bottle Lady Team – She answers all your enquiries, attend to all orders and see to the administration part of our business.

073 856 2555


The creative partner of the Bottle Lady Team – She makes everything look pretty and ensures that we share our information with you all via media channels like Instagram and Facebook.  

072 801 0906


Ever noticed how pretty we pack your orders? Well the hands of this star is making sure that each and every item is packed with love and great care; this is our sunshine lady on the team.


This is our go-to man, ensuring that stock is collected and delivered timeously.

Graphic Design Service

We now offer a high quality, affordable design service. To help you create stunning designs for your brand.

Contact Elsjé for any design needs.


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