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I don’t know about you but before I started this natural journey I used to spend so much money every month on cleaning product. You have a product for each cleaning space in your house so you end up with a ridiculous amount of cleaning supply.
Would you believe me if I said you only need 8 ingredients for all your household cleaning? Even better than that all 8 ingredient’s is all natural and toxin free.
Our cleaning kits is also made out of these ingredients giving you all the comfort knowing you are creating a save chemical free home for your family.
Castile Soap:
Lifts dirt and grime, cuts grease and tough stains. This is a must have for any DIY soap recipes. Perfect for foaming soaps, laundry detergents, homemade dish soaps and other natural cleaning recipes. This is a versatile ingredient and it is very cost effective.
Baking Soda:
Baking soda is great for absorbing and eliminating odors around the home. It also offers gentle scrubbing action, perfect for cleaning countertops, sinks and tubs.

White Grape  Vinegar:
White grape vinegar  is a super cheap cleaning ingredient. White vinegar is used in many natural cleaning recipes because it is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Plus it can cut grease and grime and dissolve mineral deposits. Avoid using on natural stone surfaces like granite, marble or soapstone because the acid can damage these natural surfaces.
Olive Oil:
Olive Oil Has Antibacterial Properties. Olive oil contains many nutrients that can inhibit or kill harmful bacteria. Use as a natural cleaner and polisher for wood and leather surfaces.
Microfiber Cloths:
You can use microfiber cloths on a variety of cleaning jobs. They are especially useful for windows, mirrors, dusting and countertops. These clothes absorb better than a regular cloth and leave a streak free surface. They are also soft and non-abrasive so they will not scratch paint or other surfaces.
Table salt is effective for scouring hard surfaces because it is naturally abrasive. Salt can get out rust, soap scum and grime. It is also good for erupting overflowing bubbles, like from a wash machine or dishwasher, just sprinkle on the bubbles.
Vodka is a natural disinfectant. It can help clean the surface and naturally eliminate odors.
While the name always made me think this was a toxic ingredient, I found out it was a naturally occurring mineral (aka sodium borate). Borax has been used for over 100 years for household cleaning and use in laundry. It doesn’t harm the environment or absorb through the skin. It can be toxic if ingested so keep away from kids. Use as a laundry booster, stain remover, toilet cleaner and more.


  • Morning Micra, when you buy our cleaning kit you get 12 free recipes that shows you how to use these products for natural cleaning. You get the following recipes: Grim & Grease remover, Soft Scrub, Toilet cleaner, Cleaning wipes, Furniture polish, Window Spray, Microwave Cleaner, Mold & Mildew cleaner, Shower head cleaner, Floor cleaner, Carpet refresher, Laundry sent booster. Hope this helps

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  • Can you share some recipes on the castile soap, like for dishwashing? Laundry?

  • Can you share some recipes on the castile soap, like for dishwashing? Laundry?


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