You know the expression, it melts in your hand like butter. When I first tried this recipe this was my thoughts exactly. I have made so many body butters but this is by far the best one. It is SO fluffy and nourishing.

There is so many butters out there, I tried my body butter with Avocado butter, at first if might seem oily but as the butter melts and your skin starts absorbing it all the oiliness goes away and your left with soft nourished skin.

Coconut Oil
Avocado Butter / Shea Butter / Mango Butter
Cocoa Butter
Natural Vitamin E
Essential oil (Optional) 


- Melt your Coconut oil, Avocado butter and cocoa butter in a double boiler. 

- One everything is melted let them cool of to a semi-solid consistency. You can let if cool down at room temperature  but if your don't have time to wait that long you can pop it in the freezer to speed the process up.

- One's in a semi-solid consistency you can start wipping your butters, until you get a whipped cream consistency. Make sure you get everything from the sides of the container otherwise it will leave you with some parts that not whipped.

- Add your natural Vitamin E & Essential oils (I used Lavender and Melrose) 

- Whip it again to combine everything nicely.

- Transfer to your Container.


Enjoy a soft nourished skin!


  • Hi Precious, the body butter is a very nice consistency in the summer time. If you prefer a firmer body butter I would just up the beeswax in the summer time.

    Bottle Lady
  • Hi Miemie, We took the quantities off this blog post as this recipe is the one we use for our Pre-mix body butter. If you purchase the pre-mix you get a full detailed e-book that includes the recipe.

    Bottle Lady
  • Would love to make the body butter, but there are no quantities or percentages or ratios?

  • Considering how hot it can get during the summer time, will the consistency of the butter remain intact during the hot weather?


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